Refrigerator Repair Tips: Warning Signs That Your Refrigerator May Require Fridge Repairs

It is easy to take a refrigerator for granted until it breaks down. It is one of the few appliances that run day and night without every appearing to have any problems whatsoever. However, there are some important signs to look out for that may indicate that your refrigerator may be in need of repair to prevent a major break down.

  1. Not So Cool

If you find yourself adjusting the temperature setting on the refrigerator because it is no longer cooling as well as it used to, this could be a sign that it is not functioning properly. There are a number of reasons that this could be happening, and it is important to get the problem resolved as soon as possible. Lowering the temperature means that the refrigerator is using much more power than necessary, and this will be reflected in your monthly power bill.

  1. Noisy

A refrigerator that starts making strange whirring, gurgling or other noises is not functioning correctly. If the sound from your refrigerator suddenly starts keeping you up at night or you notice that it is noisy for the first time, it is time to call in a repairman to check what the cause of the noise may be.

  1. Condensation

A refrigerator is meant to maintain a cool and dry interior environment. When condensation or moisture accumulates on the ceiling, sides, bottom or other surfaces in the refrigerator, this is a sign that something is wrong. It could mean that the refrigerator is not cooling optimally or that a seal is broken allowing moisture to enter the refrigerator.

This said, people living in humid climates may experience condensation in the refrigerator even if it is functioning optimally. This is because moisture enters every time the door is opened. Condensation can result in food spoiling faster.

  1. Leaking

If you see water leaking or puddling from under the refrigerator, this is a sure sign that something isn’t right. This could be as a result of a leak, a broken or damaged seal and can also be caused by mold growth. It is important to call a repairman as soon as possible if your refrigerator is leaking water.

Keep in mind that mold can be hazardous to your health when spores are breathed in or consumed and can result in food spoilage. Some types of mold are toxic and can be fatal.

  1. Not Running

If your refrigerator is not working at all, this is a definite sign that it is need of repair. If the light does not come on when the door is opened, there is a lack of noise indicating that the appliance is operating or the interior of the refrigerator is warm, it is no longer functioning. Remember that refrigerator repair are often less costly than replacing the entire appliance.

Before calling a refrigerator repair technician, check if the appliance is still under warranty. If it is, it may be necessary to use an authorized repair center or return the refrigerator to the manufacturer for repair or replacement.