Tips For Keeping The Perfect Temperature For Food and Beverages In Your Mini Refrigerator

Have you ever reached into your mini fridge for a bottle of water only to discover that it’s frozen solid? Have you ever pulled out a can of soda that felt like it had been sitting on your kitchen counter for an hour? If you have trouble keeping the food and beverages in your mini fridge at the perfect temperature, then read on for some helpful tips from your friends here at MicroFridge:


  • Have a Plan – Before you reach into your mini fridge, have an idea of exactly what it is that you crave. By limiting the amount of the time that the refrigerator door is open, you can reduce the amount of cold air that escapes. Similarly, try not to stand in front of your fridge with the door open while you chat with friends or mull over the leftover dinner possibilities.
  • Keep Hot Food Out – Never place hot foods or beverages inside of your mini fridge. Not only will this affect how cold your sodas are, but it may also increase the temperature within the refrigerator high enough to promote bacterial growth on the food already inside. Allowing cooked food to cool down before placing it in the freezer is essential for safe and proper refrigeration.
  • Dial it in – Manually adjust the temperature inside of your mini fridge by the items that are on the shelves. For instance, if you primarily have sodas, beers, and other canned beverages inside, then keep your fridge at a 5 or 6. Cooked food and leftovers, on the other hand, require a temperature setting of 8 or 9. If you have a combination of the two, try setting your mini fridge at 7 and adjust up or down from there.

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