Signs of a Good Refrigerator Warranty and Service Agreement

refrigerator-warrantyHaving your refrigerator go out can be the source of costly repairs, food storage frustration, and a big waste of otherwise edible food. To avoid the hassle of a broken fridge, pay close attention to the warranty in addition to the physical specifications of the products you are considering. To help you in your search for the perfect appliance, here are some aspects of quality refrigerator warranties to consider:

  1. The length of Coverage: Many manufacturers and retailers offer warranty agreements that only last one or two years and require you to return the product to the store or another facility to have it serviced. These warranties are usually never used because most products will not encounter problems until they have had a couple of years of use. You should seek an agreement that covers 5 to 10 years of service.  Be sure that you read the fine print, so you know if the same coverage is offered throughout the warranty period.
  2. Location of Repairs: Know where you will have to go and who you will need to contact to make warranty claims. Some manufacturers do not quickly help out; they will make you go through a maze of automated help lines before arranging repair service. Quality companies will offer on-site repair services that include parts and labor costs.
  3. Parts Covered: There are many mechanical parts inside a refrigerator.  Depending on which piece malfunctions, you may be looking at a costly repair. Do your research and make sure that your manufacturer covers all key components of their products in their warranty plans.

When you’re looking for a new refrigerator, seek the energy- and space-saving options by shopping at an accredited appliance shop. Warranty plans that offer comprehensive coverage with in-home repair service is a great deal to get. Learn more about our highly-efficient small appliances from our blog!