Refrigerator Repair: How To Solve The Problems With Your Leaking Mini Refrigerator

Most people have seen mini refrigerators somewhere out in public. Maybe you noticed one at one of your favorite restaurants in Houston TX, maybe you saw one behind the counter at a local shop, or maybe you have a friend who owns one. A mini fridge can be used in a variety of different facilities for a variety of different reasons. In fact, a lot of people may find that a mini fridge makes a much more suitable choice for them than a regular fridge does. Yet others may not see why some people decide on mini fridges for their home.


Common reasons why a mini fridge makes a better choice than a regular fridge:

  • Dorm-style living leaves many people having to store their food and beverages in a community refrigerator. Often, the community kitchen is located quite far from many of the rooms, leaving residents making the long trip or staying hungry. A mini fridge can let you keep your food in your room.
  • Many apartments and lofts have a combined kitchen and dining room area. This means there may be limited space in the kitchen for a big, bulky appliance. A mini fridge lets you have the refrigeration and storage you need without taking up too much area in the kitchen.
  • Homeowners often find themselves wanting to be able to store beverages in their garage or basement. These rooms are commonly turned into a hangout and lounge spots or are used for work and repair. Our Garage Refrigerator is an excellent choice for a garage or work room! Either way, a mini fridge can let you stay cool by providing you with beverages while you’re in one of these locations.

Handling Repairs for Your Mini Fridge

Your mini refrigerator at home is not an exemption in getting leaks. When you notice water underneath the fridge, it can be quite alarming, especially if your household appliance does not have a water dispenser or ice maker. When water leaks from the fridge, it not only creates a mess but it can also damage your home. Onsite Appliance Repair Houston offers same day services for refrigerators.

The first thing you must do is to ensure that water is leaking from the refrigerator. It may seem naive, but many people have panicked over a problematic refrigerator, only to realize that water underneath or near the fridge was a spill. If you notice water at a significant distance from the appliance, you can safely assume that there is no problem with the refrigerator and the problem lies somewhere else.


However, if you are convinced that there is a problem is with your appliance, you must take steps to address the problem. If the problem is with the water supply pipe or the connections, you may have to tighten the nuts near the inlet valve or replace the tubing to solve the problem. Since your mini fridge does not have a water dispenser, you may experience leaks due to melting ice. Check the condition of the drip pan if you notice water underneath the machine. Water that gets collected in the pan evaporates in a few hours. However, if the pan is tilted, the water can spill onto the floor. This problem can be solved by leveling the refrigerator. Leveling the appliance from side to side and tilting the machine slightly towards the back will solve the problem.

At times, the water may be leaking from underneath the freezer or inside the compartment. Clogged drain usually causes these leaks. It is another issue that you can resolve without getting help from refrigerator service technician. You can start by removing the cover panel of the freezer. After opening the cover panel, remove the excess ice buildup using a towel and hair dryer. You must then use a tube to blow air into the drain hole to remove the debris. Before replacing the cover, put some water into the drain tube to ensure the water is draining properly.

These simple tips should help in solving the problem. However, if you are unable to identify the leak, it is best to get help from a professional. Appliance repair technicians in Harris County who offer refrigerator repair service in residential areas get your home improvement done in the shortest possible time.