How Micro Refrigerator Combination Appliance Can Boost Office Productivity

The break room is an essential part of the office where employees can go to enjoy their meals, have a snack, or simply relax in between big projects. Without somewhere to prepare food, however, the break room can be a very dismal place.

A fridge and freezer are necessary for storing food and coffee creamer, and a microwave is the best appliance to reheat leftovers and prepare frozen meals. All these appliances can take up a lot of space that simply isn’t available, but fortunately compact solutions that bring these appliances together in one space- and energy-efficient solution have now become trendy. Below are just some of the reasons why you should consider a combination appliance for your office.

  • Healthy Snacking: Maintaining energy throughout the day is a challenge. Nutritious snacks and fruit juices can make a big improvement during the midday energy drop. Stock your mini fridge with some fresh produce and energy boosting beverages that will keep your employees working through the day.
  • Frozen Food Storage: Most compact refrigerators do not have any space for frozen foods, but frozen meals are a quick and cheap lunch solution that can keep your employees in the office and save time.  Luckily, MicroFridge combination appliances provide the space and the means to store and prepare frozen meals.
  • Improved Lunch Options: When employees have a place to store their lunches from home and prepare food, they can spend less time worrying about where to order take-out for lunch and more time focused on important projects and deadlines.
  • More Break Room Space: Giving your employees a place to get away from work during meal and snack breaks boosts morale and increases motivation. Since MicroFridge specializes in saving space, your employees will have more room for tables, chairs, or even a sofa.

To find the combination appliance right for your office, contact the nearest appliance store near you. You can also check their website to browse a good selection of appliances for the home, office, and dorm rooms.