Environment Friendly Methods To Clean Your Micro Refrigerator

Cleaning out your fridge is an important part of keeping your kitchen tidy, but volatile chemicals found in popular cleaning products can do more harm than good to both your family’s health and the environment. Below are some suggestions for cleaning your micro refrigerators in the most health-conscious and eco-friendly way.


  • Clean with common household materials: To get your home clean, you do not need to use harsh chemicals. All it takes is a little bit of natural liquid soap, baking soda, white vinegar, and some lemon juice. A spray bottle filled with a mixture of vinegar and water can clean up everyday spills.  For a deeper clean, take out the shelves and scrub the fridge with some lemon juice and baking soda. The shelves can be cleaned in the sink with soap.
  • Rotate food often: You can keep your fridge more sanitary by buying food products only when you need them instead of having open jars of condiments and rarely used ingredients taking up space. Keep your foods organized, so you know what is in the fridge and when it will go bad.
  • Do a deep cleaning twice per year: In spite of your best efforts, sometimes food will go to waste. Purge your refrigerator at least once every six months to get rid of those older items that ultimately will not get used. Store the remaining items in a cooler while you remove the shelves and drawers and scrub the inside. Using natural cleaners will leave your fridge with a refreshing, clean scent. Leave a new box of baking soda with the top open in the refrigerator after every deep clean.

Your micro fridge can provide you with years of refrigeration if you take the time to care for it with environmentally friendly cleaning products. Unnecessary refrigerator repairs can also be avoided if you keep your refrigerator clean.