Dorm Room Decorating Tips


For most high school graduates, getting ready to move into their dorm is the most exciting part of getting ready for college. This is the first time that a lot of young adults get to have their very own space, meaning they can decorate it however they want! It’s important to customize your room and let your personality shine through, but it’s also important to keep function in mind when putting your room together.

Here are some tips that will make your dorm room decorating experience much easier:

  • Storage – Get storage bins for extra space. You may not have a whole lot of dresser room in your dorm, but storage containers can help provide the extra storage that you need. These can easily be placed under a bed or on a closet floor and can be used to hold anything from clothes to food to books.
  • Accessories – Invest in room accessories that can add style as well as function. A decorative floor mat can add a pop of color while concealing wires and protecting the floor from scratches. An eye-catching curtain can create a theme while keeping clothes and other items in the closet out of view.
  • Necessities – Find out what will be provided for you and what you’ll need to bring. Many college dorms already come equipped with mini refrigerators to let you keep your food and beverages right in your room. Other dorms may allow you to bring your compact refrigerator. Choosing a combination appliance will enable you to have both a microwave and refrigerator that are small enough to leave you plenty of room to decorate.

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