Choosing The Right Micro Refrigerator To Fit In Your Space

micro-refrigeratorsMicro-refrigerators offer a versatile and stylish line of great combination appliances that can cut down on space and energy use. The best combination machines feature Safe Plug technology that prevents the two devices from causing a power surge when used in conjunction. If you live in an area that has a small kitchen or in a dorm room that’s begging for private food storage space, then you can benefit from what small appliances have to offer. Here are some tips for selecting the right machine to suit your needs:

  1. For Dorm Rooms: A mini fridge can fit into nearly any space, even small dorm rooms. Refrigerators as small as 2.4 cubic feet are available to fit conveniently in any small space you can manage.  If you want a freezer as well, then models are available in 2.9 cubic ft. sizes. Both models are available in combination models that add the invaluable utility of a microwave.
  2. For Apartments: Larger type refrigerator/freezer/microwave combinations are ideal for apartments with small kitchens. They come in sizes up to 10.3 cubic feet for optimum storage. Including a microwave on top of the fridge allows you to free up limited counter space.
  3. For the Office: Keep your employees happy with an upgrade to the break room. Instead of a simple mini-fridge, consider the modestly sized 4.8 refrigerator/freezer combo with a 700-watt microwave. This will allow employees to bring frozen lunches and cut down on break time. The fridge will also let you keep fresh dairy creamer in the office for coffee.
  4. For the Garage: A garage or workspace is a great place to store beverages and snacks. The garage fridge from MicroFridge blends into your space disguised as a standing tool chest. It has wheels for optimum mobility, and it includes a convenient door compartment for organized beverage storage.