Refrigerator Repair Tips: Best Way To Organize Your Refrigerator Or Refrigeration Appliance

blue refrigeratorIf you have decided to clean your dirty refrigerator, you certainly deserve a pat on the back. Once you have cleaned the compartments and the shelves, you must select the best way of putting back all the items. Selecting the right shelf and compartment for the food items is important as it help in maintaining their quality.

How Professionals Organize their Fridge

When organizing the items inside your refrigerator, you must use the method used by the restaurant kitchens and professionals. The professionals like Same Day Appliance Repair In Coral Springs Florida organize the items in their fridge keeping in mind the temperature the food is cooked to.

Usually, items that are safe to eat or need not be cooked are placed on the top. Once these items are stored, the remaining items are organized in the home appliance based on the temperature they need to be cooked to. For instance, items such as chicken that are cooked at the highest temperature are usually stored at the bottom.

When you organize the food in this manner, any cross-contamination of food that occurs in this manner won’t be a problem because contaminated food will be cooked at a higher temperature than the food that is placed above it. This will destroy the germs in the food and ensure that you eat healthy food.

The Right Strategy

So what should we do to professionally organize our food in the fridge? Here are some simple strategies used by restaurant kitchens and professionals like Appliance Repair Hallandale Beach to organize their refrigerator.

Upper Shelves

In these shelves, you can keep ready to eat foods such as cheese, deli meats, and yogurt. You can also keep drinks and leftovers in these shelves.

Lower Shelves

In lower shelves, you can keep ingredients that you plan to use for the cooked dishes.


The warmest part of your household appliance is the door. Therefore, you should only keep condiments in the door. Avoid keeping milk and eggs in the door as they must be kept in the cooler part of the residential appliance.


Placing food items in the drawer can be tricky because they are designed to hold items at specific humidities. Ideally, you should store veggies and fruits in the drawer. An important point to remember here is that you should not store meat on the shelf above it, as it increases the risk of contamination.

So, what would you do if you want to store both meat and fruits in the drawer? If you have two drawers, you should use one exclusively for meat and other for fruits and vegetables. If you have two drawers, one above the other, you can use the lowest drawer for meant. Homeowners, who are using the side-by-side model, can use either drawer. When storing meat in the drawer, you must clean the drawer as often as possible.

If you plan to use both the drawers to store your veggies and fruits, you have no option but to put the raw meat above the drawer. In such situations, you can store the meat in clear plastic bins that will catch accidental dips and keep the meat safe from everything else.

Cleaning the refrigerator must be a regular exercise. If the house appliance is not cleaned regularly, it will damage the parts which can increase your repair expenses. When there is a problem with the machine, it is best to get help from Appliance Service Lighthouse Point FL. These companies not only have refrigerator technicians on their rolls but also have technicians such as dryer repairman and dishwasher repair technician, who will visit your place to service the machine.